Jackadder Business Consulting has been my primary way to support businesses to understand and keep better control of the financial aspects of their business. The way I work with many business owners is divided into three main stages.

First, we work together to analyse – this includes review and understanding of the current situation a business is in and where it believes it should be.

Secondly, we move into the strategy stage. As a natural strategist, my role is to take the analysis and evidence and then to assist you to get clearer on your future vision, identify the potential in your business and then begin defining a personalised implementation plan.

Thirdly, we move into the stage where you get to understand what can happen to move forward in your business. In this stage, translation, we spend time together where I share the plan with you, ascertain your understanding, and identify the steps to take in an action plan.

All of this includes education and support and can progress to ongoing consultancy for you and your business, including support to implement the Profit First system into your business.

In addition, my small professional team are able to assist with business financial support including, but not limited to;

  • Bookkeeping, financial system setup, training, and consultancy.
  • Certified Xero Consultant,
  • Certified Xero Payroll Specialist


I was lucky enough to get the help of Caroline to guide me through the progress of implementing Profit First. I was struggling with working out how to get all my figures into the right percentages, it was great to have the support and a guided program.

I am now able to put money in my vault and have now created profit for the first time in my working life.

My next focus is working towards having at least 3 months of money available, so I won’t go into a flat spin if we ever have another situation like Covid again.

I nearly lost my business and using this method with the support completely turned my life around. Thank you, Caroline, for the guidance I needed to make sure I put profit first!

Kate Milne, Physiotherapist, Country Wide Physio

If you are looking for a powerful and common sense cash flow management system then you’ve found it.

Profit First is a system that challenges preconceived beliefs about business profitability.

It turns finding and growing the profits in your business around.

Caroline is a Certified Profit First Professional.

Finding the right Bookkeeping team to manage your accounts can be an incredibly stressful experience.

Caroline and her growing team of Bookkeepers have extensive expertise and experience working with Xero as our preferred accounting software.

If you want more than just a Bookkeeper then you are in the right place for managing your money and focusing on profit.

Thrive Factor Coaching for women brings an opportunity for Caroline’s clients to take their self understanding to a new dimension.

The ideal accompaniment to Caroline’s Profit Strategist programs, your Thrive Factor Profile will give you sound insights into your mindset and behaviour with money.

Caroline is a Licensed, Certified Thrive Factor Coach.

“Thank you for sharing your experiences and training platform with the members today. It was really helpful and I think you have encouraged more people to think outside the square and look into training options. You have a wealth of knowledge to share.”

Michelle Tolhurst – Administrator, Profit First Australia