Prior to starting Jackadder Business Consulting, I worked in IT for over 25 years. During this time, I was known as “The Translator” for my ability to explain technical issues to the business people in terms they could understand, and also explain business needs to the technical staff in a way that would see them build a technology outcome that actually served the needs of the business. It was all about making things work better for everyone.

When I set up my business, it was to help small business Improve their processes to make their businesses more efficient. I very quickly realised that they need most help with their financial processes. So that was where I focused my attention.

I have been helping businesses manage their finances for over 10 years now. I help them understand what needs to be done, simplify their processes, and ensure their government compliance tasks are completed.

When I discovered Profit First, I could see that this was a methodology that would help me help my clients, in a consistent and logical way. I became a Certified Profit First Consultant so I could do this. I love reading the stories that exist in the numbers of a business and marrying them up to the hopes and dreams of my clients. Then I give them a simple strategy to move them towards the goals and achieve their dreams.

I have now added Thrive Factor Profiling to my bag of tools. It helps my clients understand themselves and why they make the decisions they make. It’s another way of explaining what’s happening in their business, so they can make the changes needed to have a profitable business that supports their goals.

“Caroline has years of experience and loves helping people get serious with their profit!”
– Nic Bathurst, Dietician at Naturally Nic