Caroline Smith Profit First Professional Perth Australia

Meet Certified Profit First Professional Caroline Smith


I’m Caroline Smith, Profit Strategist and Certified Profit First Professional. 

I have been working as a bookkeeper for over a decade. Prior to that, I worked in IT as a project manager and business systems consultant. A major interest was helping people make the best use of the systems they had and helping them design and build new systems that would work for them.

Nothing is different in my bookkeeping business. I am always trying to make things better. I often get asked by business owners to help them make their businesses run better.

When I first read “Profit First”, I couldn’t put the book down. I could see that this was a methodology that would help me help my clients, in a consistent and logical way.

I also realised that, despite thinking I managed my own business pretty well, there were times when I took on large, expensive projects that I either didn’t have time to complete or didn’t give me sufficient return on investment. Net result – I didn’t get paid! No more. I’m important, and so are my business owners. I am looking forward to using Profit First to help more and more business owners achieve their dreams.

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